Yak, the Street Food Bike

YAK - The Street Food Bike

Turn your BCargo into your new workspace! With YAK it is possible.

Choose the model that's right for you, and in a few simple steps you will be ready to go! Each configuration is equipped with everything you will need. We love to keep it simple. The choice of our materials, therefore, fell on traditional wood, with visible grafts and a unique look. Functionality and style become the two rules to follow. Our safety bands, clearly visible, become a decorative element with a strong personality. The classic natural coloring of wood and metal gives it an attractive appearance that will capture attention at first sight. Once stationary, your workstation will take shape as soon as you unfold the removable cover, very easy to assemble, thus starting to reveal all the small spaces and compartments, optimized for work.

The YAK line is in constant evolution, with free space for your ideas! For the maximum versatility, on the widest range of tasks, our models are constantly evolving.

  • PARROT, with its configuration, allows you to access a real cocktail bar.
  • POLAR has everything that an ice cream parlor on two wheels could need.
  • SALAMANDER with its integrated hobs, allows you to cook all your specialties!
  • MULE is your right hand during transport.

If you have specific requests or questions, send us an email, or a Whatsapp message at +39 333.4878941