FAQ - Questions and Answers

Is it easy to ride a BCargo?

If you're comfortable on the bike, riding a BCargo will be just as easy. You will only need a few minutes of practice to get used to the front wheel being further out than usual. For the rest, consider moving from a small car to a station wagon car; the concept is the same.

How agile is a BCargo in traffic?

Thanks to the cable steering system, you can maneuver easily, even in the tightest spaces. To make a U-turn you only need 2.10 meters. The width of the carrycot for children and of the professional box is 68cm; Since the handlebar is 70 cm wide, the lateral dimensions of a BCargo are in fact exactly the same as those of a normal bicycle.

I'm afraid they'll steal it!

Our cargo e-bikes are equipped with GPS anti-theft devices, able to monitor the position in real time and warn you in case of unauthorized movement. Each BCargo has an easily identifiable chassis number, which makes it difficult for a thief to resell it. When we ship original parts, we always ask our customers and dealers to provide the chassis number for added security.

Will I be able to park my BCargo in the cellar?

The BCargo Family and Professional are 245cm long and 70cm wide. When parking, you can turn the handlebar by 90° so that the front wheel is closed, thus reaching 230cm. The width is 70cm.

Why do cargo e-bikes cost more than regular bikes?

The price of a BCargo is very similar to that of a good electric mountain bike. The reason is that our cargo e-bikes are designed for intensive use and are built with top quality materials to be robust and reliable. In addition, a cargo e-bike has proprietary components, such as the carrycot for babies or the container for transporting goods, which are produced in small series by local artisans. However, buying a cargo e-bike means investing in freedom and health, often giving up the second car; for this reason the final balance is always positive!

Is it safe to carry children?

The cargo e-bike is a much safer solution than traditional bicycles for transporting children. The carrycot made of sturdy birch wood offers excellent side protection and the soft top offers shelter from the elements, like inside a car. The safety belts ensure that children are always protected even in the event of a fall and the low center of gravity offers excellent stability even when children move around. Finally, the central stand allows small passengers to get on independently without the danger of the bike falling, as happens on bicycles with a side stand.

Is a BCargo heavy?

Our cargo e-bikes weigh around 35kg for the Naked version and 45kg for the Family and Professional versions. But do not worry! The powerful Oli Sport engine and the low center of gravity ensure easy starts even uphill, and maximum stability even when fully loaded. The simplicity of driving and the agility of the BCargo will amaze you! Contact your local dealer or come and visit us for a test drive.

How many km can I travel on a single charge?

We use lithium batteries produced with the best cells available. The standard capacity is 500Wh, which allows you to travel an average of 70 km. Autonomy depends a lot both on the type of route (uphill, flat, etc...), on the load, and on the level of assistance inserted. If you have special needs we can supply double battery or increased battery up to 900Wh. It is sufficient to specify it when ordering and we will be able to advise you on the right option for you.

What happens if the battery runs out?

The Oli Sport mid-motor offers very little pedaling resistance when deactivated. For this reason, riding a BCargo with the engine off is like riding a muscular cargo bike, considering however that you have the additional weight of the engine and battery (about 7 kg).

How many years does the battery last?

Our battery has an average life of around 700 recharge cycles. After that it begins to progressively lose capacity. At that point, you can send it back to us and we will regenerate it, only changing the internal cells. This will allow you to have a battery with full autonomy at a much lower cost than a new battery. To preserve the life of your battery, we recommend keeping the charge level at around 40% and recharging it for at least one hour a month, even if you don't use the bike.

Can I transport my BCargo by car?

Of course! Transporting it by car is very simple, thanks to our special BCargo car carrier. It will be sufficient to disassemble the carrycot or the box, remove the battery and load the bike on the roof. Given the weight (about 30 kg empty) it is preferable to be in 2 people. With your bike on the roof, you'll have plenty of free space inside the cabin.

Can I travel on white roads?

Certainly! BCargo was born in Tuscany, a land of great cycling traditions and land of White Roads. We tested our bikes along the Eroica and Via Francigena routes. Using a cargo e-bike for cycle touring is a really comfortable and fun choice: you have plenty of space for luggage, without the need for the usual side bags that compromise stability in difficult conditions. The puncture-proof tires offer excellent protection even on rough terrain, and the robust and reliable mechanics will make your BCargo a faithful adventure companion!

Is it possible to customize it?

We build the BCargos from scratch in our Scandicci workshop, starting from the welding of the frame. If you have special needs, or if you want to customize the carrycot for babies or the container for professional transport, just let us know when ordering.

How much does maintenance cost?

A cargo e-bike is very similar to a normal e-bike. For this reason, you can carry out maintenance yourself or rely on your trusted cyclist. Various maintenance tutorials are available on YouTube in our BCargo Academy section.

Do you also produce muscle BCargo?

We only produce pedal assisted cargo bikes. In our experience, the higher cost of the e-bike version is amply compensated by the ease of driving, suitable for all members of the family, even the least trained. Furthermore, a cargo bike by its nature is heavy, and this means sweating if you cover even a few kilometres. With a view to daily use, to go to work or to move around the city, the electric version is also a winner for those who don't have the possibility to change dress once they arrive at destination. If you want to work harder, you can simply reduce the level of assistance, which will however always be available in the event of even short climbs, extraordinary loads, or simply because you are a little out of shape today.

Acquistare una BCargo significa investire in libertà e salute, spesso rinunciando alla seconda auto