BCargo Professional è la cargo e-bike da lavoro studiata per i professionisti dell'ultimo miglio. Se consegni merci oppure se sei un artigiano che effettua riparazioni in centro, BCargo Professional è il mezzo giusto per te


They use BCargo Professional

Always on time, even with a busy schedule

You move quickly from one customer to another without fear of traffic and without expenses.

Easy and free parking

Thanks to the central stand and the compact size compared to other cargo bikes, you can park BCargo Professional practically wherever you want. Free!

Cost per kilometer close to zero

Traveling from one customer to another represents a significant cost and a waste of time. With BCargo Professional you significantly increase the efficiency of your business.

Invest in health!

Thanks to pedal assistance, time normally wasted in traffic is transformed into time spent doing gentle physical activity. A long-term investment in your health!

Improve your company image

By using the cargo e-bike as a means of work, you advertise yourself and show that you are a professional who is always one step ahead of the competition.

Safe and agile in traffic

BCargo Professional is built to withstand the uneven road surfaces typical of our cities. Reliability and safety are at the highest level!

Traffic and parking search is a waste of time, i.e. a waste of money.


Our professional equipment


240 liter aluminum container

The 240-litre aluminum container, totally waterproof, allows you to safely transport even the most delicate goods, away from the elements.

Serratura di sicurezza Southco


Southco security lock

The safety lock with key and retractable handle allows you to repeatedly open and close the door quickly and easily.

Details that count


Details that count

The plastic mat allows optimal load placement without vibrations. If you have to transport crates of vegetables, any drops of water settle on the bottom and drain from the special holes.