Jungle: the maximum load with the minimum size

Jungle is a compact cargo bike that allows you to transport children, pets, groceries and work tools with the same dimensions and agility as a small city e-bike. Jungle is designed to withstand a maximum load of 200kg, including the cyclist.

Always on time, even with a busy schedule

Go to work, take the kids to school, go shopping. Everything is easier with BCargo Family!

Choose a cargo e-bike that grows with your family

Jungle has lots of accessories: seats for small children, bench for older children, pet carrier and much more. Do you need an accessory that doesn't yet exist? Contact us!

Have fun and stay fit

Thanks to pedal assistance, time normally wasted in traffic is transformed into time spent doing gentle physical activity. A long-term investment in your health!

Everyone's favorite means of transport

Jungle is a very robust and simple to ride cargo e-bike, and is suitable for the whole family: mum, dad and older kids.

Be part of the change

By using the cargo e-bike for your daily commute, you actively contribute to improving life in your city

Cost per km close to zero

A cargo e-bike undoubtedly represents the cheapest means of transport for your daily commute. You consume no fuel, no road tax or insurance. And with a full tank of energy for €0.15 you can travel over 60 km.

Choose Jungle, and turn every day into a fantastic adventure!