BCargo Family


The best alternative to the car for getting around the city with your children

Always on time, even with a busy schedule

Go to work, take the kids to school, go shopping. Everything is easier with BCargo Family!

Easy and free parking

Thanks to the central stand and the compact size compared to other cargo bikes,  you can park BCargo Family practically wherever you want.

Cost per kilometer close to zero

BCargo Family helps you make ends meet in the family, because the cost of daily transport is practically reduced to zero.

Have fun and stay fit

Thanks to pedal assistance, time normally wasted in traffic is transformed into time spent doing gentle physical activity. A long-term investment in your health!

Be part of the change

By using the cargo e-bike for your daily commute, you actively contribute to improving life in your city.

Safe and agile in traffic

BCargo Family is built to withstand the uneven road surfaces typical of our cities. Reliability and safety are at the highest level!

Forget your car!

genitori con bambini in cargo bike


Our children's shuttle


3-point safety belts

The 3-point safety belts and eco-leather cushions make your children's journey safe and comfortable

Plenty of space


Plenty of space

On the back of the canopy, 2 large pockets give you extra space that is always close at hand.

Origami Design


Origami design

With our unique design, opening and closing the soft top is child's play!

Children’s canopy- All configurations at your fingertips