BCargo everyday - la cargo e-bike con tanto spazio in più


BCargo Everyday is the perfect compact cargo e-bike for those who move around the city every day and are looking for an alternative to the car.

Always on time, even with a busy schedule

Go to work, go to the gym, go shopping. Everything is easier with BCargo Everyday!

Easy parking

Thanks to the sturdy stand and dimensions comparable to those of a normal e-bike,  you can park BCargo Everyday practically wherever you want.

Cost per kilometer close to zero

BCargo Everyday helps you make ends meet, because the cost of daily transport is practically reduced to zero.

Have fun and stay fit!

Thanks to pedal assistance, time normally wasted in traffic is transformed into time spent doing gentle physical activity. A long-term investment in your health!.

Be part of the change!

By using the bicycle for your daily trips, you actively contribute to improving life in your city.

Safe and agile in traffic

BCargo Everyday uses the same technology and the same components as the BCargos built for professional bike messengers. Reliability and safety are at the highest level!

If your day is filled with meetings, gym sessions and a few coffees around, BCargo Everyday will always be by your side!