100% Made in Italy e-bike system

Proudly built in Italy, OLI system offers world-class performance. Optimized for use on cargo bikes, it provides 80 N/m torque and a fluid and powerful assistance with minimum effort. For easy departures even at full load!

500 Wh lithium battery - approximately 100 km range (ECO mode)

Further informations on https://www.oli-ebike.com/

Designed for Italian roads: reliability is guaranteed!

BCargo is specially designed to overcome the various challenges in the historical centres of Italian cities; busy traffic, holes and uneven cobblestones can make life a true hell for cyclists. Our steel frame is extremely robust and at the same time offers great elasticity, which benefits the cyclist's back and joints. The use of self-locking screws, anti-vibration plugs and threadlocker minimizes the risk of noise and vibration for a safe and comfortable ride.

R.O.C.S.S. Technology - The most advanced steering system

Our R.O.C.S.S. steering technology (Reliable Optimized Cable Steering System) is composed of 4 stainless steel cables and sheaths braided in Kevlar, connected to 2 aluminium pulleys.

The use of cables and pulleys allows the steering system to be rotated by more than 90°, which guarantees an unparalleled manoeuvrability even in the narrowest of streets. Thanks to this special system, riding your BCargo will be a very comfortable experience because irregularities in the road surface will be absorbed. Both within the city as well as in the countryside, the reliability of BCargo is guaranteed by the high quality of the materials. Furthermore, the absence of a rigid lateral transmission ensures excellent balance and perfect symmetry while steering.

The ideal steering system for who wants maximum comfort and maximum load capacity.

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