BCargo - La cargo e-bike per animali domestici

The Pet lovers' bike

Finally it’s possible to bring your beloved four-legged friends always with you!

The canopy made from sailcloth protects them from the sun and the cold, and they can sleep peacefully while you enjoy the ride. The box made from marine plywood ensures plenty of space even if you have more than one dog or if your companion is above average in size.

The lowered position allows an optimal weight distribution, ensuring a carefree ride for you and a stress-free journey for your dog.

BCargo with pets canopy

The ultimate solution to moving around with your pets!

BCargo with lightweight box

The easiest solution to bring your pets always with you!


Durable materials and quality finishings

Your pets will travel safely and comfortably 365 days a year: the canopy made from sailcloth and equipped with a mosquito net protects them from the sun during summer and from the rain in winter.





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