cargo bike trasporto merce

Cargo bike a pedalata assistita trasporto merce

Your new commercial vehicle

With a loading space as big as a small car thanks to the 240 lts. aluminium box, BCargo is the perfect vehicle to transport goods or work tools up to 75 kg within urban areas.

The costs for fuel and parking, which can significantly affect your monthly budget, are no longer an issue. Our professional graphics service also offers you the possibility to customize the box with your own colours and logos: a highly visible image with a big impact, without the need to invest in advertising.


cargo e-bike BCargo

BCargo naked

The most flexible solution for goods transport

cargo e-bike BCargo con pianale in betulla

BCargo multipurpose wooden platform

Our wooden platform (cm 65 x 65) offers you the maximum space for every kind of trasport. It's suitable to load any kind of baggage or to fix every custom accessories.
Cargo bike trasporto merci

Aluminium box 240 Lts.

Bike messengers' best friend: the aluminium box, (load capacity 240 lts.) with security lock, is suitable for every kind of valuable goods, that need to stay dry and safe. 
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