Designed for Italy, handcrafted in Italy

I am Giacomo Pratellesi,
a creative designer with a passion for bicycles and unconventional solutions.

The BCargo story starts with the passion of 3 friends.
With me Riccardo, designer and carpenter, and Giorgio, surveyor and craftsman.

We knew that the bicycle is the most efficient means ever created by man, but we realized that in the last 50 years its evolution has focused mainly on the search for new materials aimed at guaranteeing increasingly extreme competitive performances.

We have therefore decided to rethink the bicycle by placing people who use it daily, like us, at the center of our project.

Thus was born BCargo, a vehicle designed for Italy, with dimensions and driveability comparable to those of normal bicycles, which in addition allows you to comfortably carry all the load you need.

Italian handcrafted production and the use of components as much as possible Italian and European make it a sustainable means of transport from all points of view. By choosing BCargo you not only give yourself the luxury of riding a bike, but you also do a concrete action to make the world better, reducing the number of cars on the road.

In the current configuration, the production of BCargo uses a network of Italian companies and professionals that make quality their watchword.

Our supplier chain is transparent, because Made in Italy means for us to give a face and a name to all the people who add value to your BCargo.

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Giacomo Scandicci
BCargo - La Bici Cargo Italiana Design and management
Susanna Scandicci
BCargo - La Bici Cargo Italiana Marketing and communication
Claudio Bologna
Toycycles Welding and laser cutting
Simone Scandicci
CS srl CNC machining
Massimo Monticello Brianza
Mottadelli  High performance cables
Matteo Scandicci
Metalcolor Powder coating
Alberto Milano
Hertel Teli Sailcoath Canopy
Marco Cesena
Oli s.p.a. ebike mid motors
Romeo e Luna Scandicci
Kids and Co. Test and Quality Check
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