Getting around the city has never been so much fun!

With BCargo moving around the city every day becomes an enjoyable activity. You can use the bike to go to work, take your children to school, cycle around with your dog or go shopping without having to use the car. And no need to worry about traffic and parking problems either! Getting around the city becomes a true pleasure, and thanks to the pedal assist system, you can easily travel long distances without getting tired. And last but not least, the kids will be thrilled to go to school while seated comfortably in the front carriage.

BCargo Adventure/Family with canopy

BCargo Adventure/Family with canopy

Moving around the city or escaping in nature, keep always your kids safe and comfortable!

Safety belts and cushions for a good night's sleep

The front carriage of our bike is equipped with 3-point safety belts and cushions made from waterproof material. The safety and comfort of small passengers is our priority.

Durable materials and quality finishings

Your children will travel safely and comfortably 365 days a year: the canopy made from sailcloth and equipped with a mosquito net protects them from the sun during summer and from the rain in winter.






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